Authentic​ity.  Awareness.  Advocacy.

Good health and wellness should be your greatest investment as food and nutrition are the foundation of family and life. Ingredients should be of high quality, fully transparent, and sourced with integrity as these are the pillars to the Andi Grace selection process. By curating each product with critical attention on these principles we are changing the conversation in food selection.

Our founders Dawn and John have grown frustrated with the lack of transparency in food as their families have battled a variety of food allergies and health concerns. 

Living with a food allergy is a life sentence that requires daily vigilance to stay healthy. We know the burden you feel for yourself, child, or partner. We have experienced the same struggle, spending hours traveling to 3 grocery stores after work to find a small handful of items our family can eat, yet still worried about potential contamination or an ingredient I don’t recognize.

For us, food shopping has become part puzzle and part game of chance. Andi Grace will be your champion, your go-to resource. This is not some fad, we are here to challenge the status quo and make shopping easier for you.  You’ve got enough on your plate, we want to make this part of your life a little easier.