Nut Free Discovery Boxes

Nut-Free Eating Made Simple

Trying to find a safe, trustworthy, and tasty nut-free foods can make you go, well... nuts! Stop the madness and discover fantastic, allergy-friendly snacks and foods with Andi Grace’s Nut Free Snacks and Foods Box. Stop losing hours researching online. Start enjoying life with the peace of mind knowing that there’s a trustworthy and reliable advocate in your corner.

Why You Should Discover Your Next Nut Free Foods with Andi Grace

We believe in a world where eating is a source of fun and nutrition, not a horrifying game of allergen-roulette. That’s why Andi Grace added the Nut Free Box to our Discovery Boxes. Delicious, nutritious, and best of all safe, our Nut Free Box offers an assortment of peanut-free and tree nut-free snacks and foods that have been thoroughly researched for a stress-free eating experience. When it comes to you or your loved one’s nut allergies, your worries are our worries. And our Discovery Boxes were designed to help you rest easy and eat freely