“What’s for breakfast?” It’s a question you ask yourself as soon as you hit the alarm—and a few minutes later, your kids might echo it, too! But if your family is living with multiple food allergies, there may not always be an easy answer. After all, eggs and conventional breakfast cereals might be off the table, along with toast and other options. That’s where AndiGrace’s breakfast section comes in. Stocked with nutritious, allergy safe options, you can start your day off on the right foot.

Looking for gluten free breakfast options? Consider: Oat-based options – Oats are delicious in premade granola, hot oatmeal, and cold overnight oats. Gluten-free toaster pastries – Pop Tarts have nothing on these. Need a dairy free breakfast? How about: Muesli comes to life with your favorite dairy replacement. Try a hot cereal topped with fresh fruit and maple syrup for a sweet, filling non dairy breakfast. Is your family into egg free breakfasts? Try: Breakfast ovals are easy to take on the go. Granola works on yogurt, or in a plastic